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Mar 2016

Everybody Has a Number

In Wealth By VA

I feel like I just wrote about this but it begs repeating, everybody has a number. Everybody has a number. That potential interior design client who doesn’t know what their budget is? They have a number. Why do I know this? Because the minute you exceed it, they will tell you you’re too expensive. Everybody […]


Feb 2016

How To Increase Your Interior Design Firm’s Profits

In Business Strategy Wealth By Tech Support

Earlier this week one of my interior design clients, who recently went through a massive brand transformation, including a name change, told me she was feeling worried because business seemed a slower than it was last year at this time. “I’m busy”, she said.  “But not busy like I’m normally busy.” Although the feedback on […]


Mar 2015

Passive Income…Now

In Branding Wealth By Kim Kuhteubl

With the rise of the Internet and designers’ increasing savvy to opportunities for licensing and information products, the phrase passive income has created a new sense of urgency. Everybody wants to start earning some, now. I get it. Earning money on the work you’ve already done, in perpetuity, sounds pretty good but unless you get […]


Feb 2015

An Unpopular Position On References

In Business Strategy Visibility Wealth By Kim Kuhteubl

Recently a client of mine was going through the hiring process for her team. She had narrowed it down to the final two and told me she was going to check references. I suggested that she pay each of the gals to come in for a day, or even two, to get a sense of […]


Sep 2013

Join Me In Laguna And Earn A CEU

Join me at the Laguna Design Center on October 30, 2013 for my 1-hr CEU Image 360°: Branding, Visibility And Money For The Design Industry. Join me in Laguna and earn a CEU. Click To Tweet Ideal clients, consistent income and seemingly miraculous opportunities show up when you get the story of your business right.  But […]


Aug 2013

Are You Being Cheap With Yourself?

In Wealth By Kim Kuhteubl

Some people won’t get the value of what you do no matter how well or often you explain it. You don’t have to worry about those one-off conversations; sometimes it’s not about you. But if you find yourself having the same conversation — sales, employee, spouse or otherwise — over and over again, guess what? […]


May 2013

Are You Leaving Money On The Table?

In Branding Visibility Wealth By Kim Kuhteubl

The one thing that’s standard among interior design professionals is that pricing their services isn’t. Whether you charge hourly, by the square foot, with markup or without, or as a percentage of the overall budget, every job and every client is unique and coming to consensus can be tricky. You’ve probably heard a lot of […]


Jan 2013

How To Double Your Income

In Visibility Wealth By Kim Kuhteubl

Yesterday I did an intensive with a client who finished my Image 360° Mastermind in December.  She said our time spent together was a treat to herself but I reminded her it was also commitment collateral, especially because she’s got a bold goal in mind — to double her income. what goethe said For me, the last months of […]


Mar 2012

Tax Day Is Looming

In Wealth By Kim Kuhteubl

Tax day is just over a month away.  That’s right, April 17th will be here before your know it.  Here’s a roundup of our best tax tips for single chicks: TIPS FOR PROPETY OWNERS:  Remember if you’re a property owner, you can receive a 30% tax credit for the cost of certain energy efficient property […]


Feb 2012

Are You Going To San Fran Or Tijuana?

In Wealth By Kim Kuhteubl

Part of my definition of thriving has involved changing my relationship to money.  I’ve been getting my financial house in order for the last year and a lot of that work includes expanding my wealth consciousness. I’ve learned that indecision gets in the way of wealth creation.  People who have the kind of income I’m […]

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