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What 2014 Could Look Like

As 2013 comes to a close I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to be a leader in creative business.  If you feel like you’ve been on the cusp for a long time, you might start to wonder if magic is required to lift you out of obscurity.  But the truth is, the solution is simple.If you want recognition, press, high-paying gigs, do something worthy of being noticed.  Leaders lead.

Don’t have any connections?  Get out, network and make some.  Don’t know what you want to say? Listen deeply to those around you.  How can you help them solve their problems and achieve their desires with insight from your unique perspective?  What contribution can you offer that will improve the way they live?  Then most importantly, get better and better at being who you are and doing what you do.

Cultivate Success

A lot of people come to me when they’re stuck, have slowed down or don’t know what to do next.  Once they’ve started the flow going in a new direction, they also stop the work and the investment on themselves, which is kind of ironic, because they still expect clients to up the level of investment in their services.The thing is that if you were in the habit of making the kind of changes you hired me to help you make — the ones that inspired the growth spurt — you wouldn’t have hired me in the first place.  Growth happens inside the space of what you don’t know, not what you already do.  If it did, what you were doing all along would have been working.  But just like a diet, success and the actions required to cultivate it, take a while to stick.People who are playing a high-level game expect to be supported and they make it non-negotiable.  They often have an assistant or two, a trainer, bookkeeper, housecleaner or producer/strategist (aka me), whoever their success team requires and they make a decision to invest in themselves at the size of the game they want to play.  Successful leaders don’t play a one-person game.

Resist The Temptation

I used to be tempted to go it alone, because I was afraid I would never become who deep down I knew myself to be, because the stretch required by growth and an additional investment was uncomfortable.  Now I get that it was supposed to be.Life never stands still and if you’re not moving toward expansion, you’re moving toward the opposite.  Expansion requires me to step outside of the realm of what I know.  But I don’t do that alone.  I’ve learned that high-level strategic help is a key part of my success equation and that’s why I get it.  If you want high-level results in your business in 2014, I suggest you do too.

The Art Of Procrastination.

So let me cut straight to the chase. Here’s what you’re doing when you procrastinate: delaying your own good.

Say it with me, I am delaying my own good.

Forget what Freud said about the pleasure principle and humans preferring to avoid negative emotions or to delay stressful tasks. Because the reality is that breaking your word to yourself and not doing the things you say you want to, is way — I mean way — more stressful than putting one foot in front of the other and getting sh*t done. Even if you’re terrified, I guarantee the other side of uncertainty, of the unknown is nothing compared to what you’re putting yourself through worrying about it.

Your Story Is Boring.

So what exactly are you getting out of that excuse you keep telling yourself? Because, yes, no matter how convoluted, or how many characters it involves (kids, hubbie, time, money), it is still an excuse.

Are you stubbornly doing what doesn’t work so you can be right?

Are you so invested in taking care of, or watching (and envying) other people’s lives from the sidelines, that you’ve forgotten how to live your own?

Must you do every single thing, yourself?

Is every story, a money story?

If time is that precious, why on earth would you be wasting it doing anything less than what you say it is you want to do?

Invest In Joy.

Remember every time you throw an obstacle in the way of going toward what you truly desire, you knock yourself out of alignment. By that I mean when you feel most like you, the core essence of your brand DNA. Chances are if your life is in chaos, if you feel overwhelmed, stuck, or like you’re treading water, it’s because you’re not aligned.

The fact that you desire something or want to achieve something, whether that’s design a boutique hotel or take a trip to Italy, is about you expressing yourself more fully in your life and business. So why are you denying yourself that experience? Why are you blocking that flow?

There is a way for you to get what you want, to live and be on your terms, but you can’t do that unless you start doing what you know to do, now.

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When Things Go Very Wrong.

Wouldn’t it be nice if every decision you made, every change you experienced and absolutely everything else you ever did, was right?  In other words, perfect, high-five, fantastic, ideal.Life would be a whole lot easier wouldn’t it?I’m not going to lie, the moment you realize you made a mistake, a bad choice, went in the wrong direction — to put it bluntly — SUCKS.Whether you allowed a less-than-ideal client to sneak it; didn’t make the room look quite as perfect as you wanted it to; or trusted the wrong person to support you; the feeling that something has gone wrong can throw you off your game.

You trusted your gut, your intuition, you were absolutely sure that this was the right thing to do and what did that get you?  It got you a big fat problem, aka a collection of things that suck.

The good news is that there is a solution.  It’s one that works even when you’re tired, overwhelmed and ready to give up.

Do something else.

Change your mind.

Make a new decision.

Look at it this way.  Now that you know what you don’t want, you’re one step closer to getting exactly what you do.

Even if you’ve made the same mistake before, obviously, you didn’t learn what you were supposed to the first time which is why this is happening again.  That seemingly bad decision, change or choice was actually just information, information that you can use to change course.

Because if you’re absolutely sure that you’re supposed to do, be or have something and that desire is coming from deep inside of you, often inexplicably, then trust that you are.  Believe it or not but that thing that went wrong is actually trying to get you closer to doing, being and having.So on those days when you feel like you might as well give up, remember that what went wrong is trying to show you how you’re getting in your own way so that next time, you can get it right.