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Jun 2016

The Fastest Way to Level Up

In Branding By VA

The thing that can be hard to explain, even when I get the language right is that branding—especially the personal kind—is a process and that process happens from the inside, out. Closely related are the words self-employment and self-made, meaning that mastery of self, is an important part of the equation in achieving success. Or as my […]


Apr 2016

It’s Just Business

We’ve had some big news in the design industry over the last few weeks, starting with High Point and North Carolina’s HB2 bill, which revokes the protection of many in the design community. Leaders like Mitchell Gold of Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, one of the most prominent furniture makers in the country and leadership […]


Apr 2016

Risk Boldly, Charge Appropriately

In Branding Visibility By VA

Shortly after her 42nd birthday, another broken marriage and scandal, fate was finally kind to Syrie Maugham. She credits her daughter as the creative impetus for her decorating career. “I began it all in Liza’s nursery when she was a baby girl. I had plenty of time on my hands and I just began to […]


Apr 2016

Fit is Everything

In Branding Visibility By VA

When your clients are a fit, working is easy.


Mar 2016

Intuition Never Lies

In Branding Visibility By VA

You trust your instincts and intuition when it comes to your creative process. What if you trusted it more when it comes to the day to day running of your business?


Feb 2016

No Vision? No Strategy.

In Branding Visibility By VA

If you’re not working from the blueprint of an inspired vision, it will feel like you’re throwing a whole lot of things at the wall in the hopes that something will stick. You may have momentum but you won’t have strategy. What can you do today to clarify your design brand’s vision?


Dec 2015

The Marketing Plan Interior Designers Really Want

I hear this a lot from interior designers, I need a really strong marketing plan. When I ask, What do you want to achieve with that plan? The responses are usually excited and passionate. I want bigger jobs! I want to get myself out there! I want to be visible! I start by getting specific […]


Jul 2015

What Are The Real Effects Of HGTV and Houzz On The Design Industry?

Although I prefer to lurk in online groups as a rule—unless I run them—I recently saw a thread about a publication I used to love and it’s offer for cheap design services so I found myself chiming in. It started out interesting and potentially educational but like a lot of online talk, a couple of […]


Jul 2015

Is Your Interior Design Firm A Good Citizen?

I hope your 4th of July (Canada Day for those of you who live in the North) was spectacular and that you took a moment to think about how lucky you are to be free to run a business that is an expression of what you were called to do. Philanthropy and social responsibility are important […]


May 2015

Bullard And The Billionaire Whisperer

In 1905, at the age of 40, Miss Elsie de Wolfe gave up her struggling acting career for good and set up residence at the historic Washington Irving House with Miss Elizabeth Marbury, a prominent theatrical agent. The combination of de Wolfe’s style and Marbury’s connections transformed Irving House into the American version of a […]

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